Assembly line setup

Case study


After DSC had helped them design their first lithium battery pack and establish a CKD supply chain, we were in charge of choosing the most suitable equipment, organizing the assembly line installation and training our clients’ engineering and production personnel. The design of the facilities was also a critical part of this project.

We helped our client find the most suitable equipment based on their battery pack’s design


The assembly line and testing equipment were chosen based on the product’s specification and process flow, as well as the project’s budget and schedule. DSC conducted the negotiations and handled the communication between the local team in Brazil and Asian suppliers, reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

Our customers' assembly line

Our customers’ assembly line


Once the equipment arrived, the DSC Energy founder helped coordinate the installation and commissioning tests. After the engineers and operators received proper training, our client was able to successfully conduct a pilot run.

DSC was also in charge of organizing the machine installation and training the local engineers and operators