A fast-growing company with a passion for innovation

DSC Energy Corporation is a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the battery business, specializing in lithium battery pack design and manufacturing. Together with our customers, we have successfully developed new products and set up battery factories all over the world.

Decades of experience in both lithium- and lead-based batteries

DSC Energy is the li-ion and advanced battery division of the DSC Group — one of the leading suppliers of lead-acid battery manufacturing equipment. Based in Canada, the DSC Group currently has manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, India and Vietnam, as well as trading and representative offices in Malaysia and Brazil. DSC has successfully completed projects for clients in five continents, including end-to-end and turnkey solutions for VRLA, automotive, motorcycle, e-bike and EV batteries. Our area of expertise also extends to battery recycling, pollution control and raw materials, such as:

  • Pure lead and lead alloys for lead acid batteries
  • Li-ion battery cathode and anode materials (LFPO cathode, carbon anode, electrolyte, copper-clad laminate, ai-plastic film…)
  • Li-ion battery cells

At DSC, we have the technical know-how to guide you through the entire product design and manufacturing process, helping you choose the most suitable equipment for each stage and battery type, for applications as diverse as Energy Storage Systems (ESS), EVs and electric mobility, microgrid, etc. Our services also cover battery pack safety certification, and battery management system (BMS) design, as well as charging solutions (inverter, charger, testing equipment).

In addition to that, some of the most common battery packs can be purchased directly from DSC, including EV, golf cart, storage (including high voltage storage), solar, LED, medical and telecom batteries, among others. We can also provide custom-made li-ion alternatives to lead-acid for automotive and traction applications.