All-in-one storage systems

All-in-one hybrid storage system

A compact hybrid ESS, perfect for homes and small businesses.

All-in-one off-grid energy storage system

Scalable, off-grid energy storage system.

Hybrid ESS with great power conversion features

Our all-in-one, hybrid or off-grid energy storage systems are scalable up to 20 kWh and offer great conversion power and many other advantages.

We use efficient, reliable LiFePo 4 batteries that have a long service life and are perfect for demanding applications like power backup during blackouts.

Our energy storage systems are:


  • Excellent cooling to avoid thermal runaway.
  • IP 67 certified

Efficient and reliable

  • High-power density, with LiFePO₄ batteries for a longer service life.
  • Up to 50% more efficient than a lead-acid battery.
  • Excellent charge/discharge performance, including during fast charge and high current dicharge.


  • Clever, stackable block design that makes it easy to add more parallel units to increase the system’s capacity.
  • Slim and lightweight, some models can be wall-mounted.


Built-in handle for safely carrying the batteries around.


Solid PC + PET casing, conforming to RoHS requirements.

Smart and efficient

  • Intelligent BMS and integrated cooling system.
  • Real-time data can be recorded and transferred through a reserved communication port or remotely access using a mobile app that can also be used for monitoring and software updates.