We help you start or scale up your battery business

Battery cell selection

We help you choose the most suitable battery cells for your use case and business model.

Battery pack design

We help you design and manufacture the most suitable battery pack for any application.

ESS development

We help you design and implement solar and other energy storage systems with reliable technologies (inverter, battery, etc.).

CKD/SKD services

Comprehensive CKD/SKD services.

Assembly line setup support

The most practical and efficient options when setting up a battery pack assembly line.

Safety certification

We help you get your lithium battery packs UN- and UL-certified.


We can help you develop or import entire EV product lines for logistics and other applications.

From cell selection to assembly, the know-how you need to succeed in the battery industry

In a rapidly developing industry, DSC can help you start or scale up your battery business so that you can handle that growth successfully.

From cell selection to final product assembly, we provide comprehensive, integrated solutions, tailored to each customer’s needs, using the most advanced and efficient technologies available. Whether you are looking for a standard battery type, a customized design or a last mile manufacturing solution, we have the expertise and the experience to deliver the best and most cost-effective outcome.